Our Impact

We offer a wrap-around approach combining training directly with supported employment which we believe is the only sustainable form of employment for most individuals with a developmental disability. It’s an innovative, award winning model of supported employment that is unmatched in our sector and in our city.

Our business partnership model follows a profit-sharing payment structure enabling our business partners to play a significant role in running their enterprise and earn an income every month through a percentage of the business revenue. 

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Transforming Lives

Since 2000, Common Ground Co-operative has been creating social enterprise opportunities for adults with Autism, Down Syndrome and other developmental disabilities.

As an award winning, charitable service organization we continue to promote the inclusion of persons with developmental disabilities in the workplace, while creating exciting self-employment enterprises. Common Ground is empowering the participants in these enterprises by giving them ownership, responsibility and decision-making authority to run the businesses and make their enterprises viable, meeting a double bottom line of financial and social success.